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How to try Stackless Python on Linux without installing it?

Péter Szabó has released Static Python. You can also read a blog post he has written on how to use it, or the following quote from the project site:

StaticPython is a statically linked version of the Python 2.x (currently 2.7) and Stackless Python 2.x interpreters and their standard modules for 32-bit Linux systems (i686, i386). It is distributed as a single, statically linked 32-bit Linux executable binary, which contains the Python scripting engine, the interactive interpreter with command editing (readline), the Python debugger (pdb), most standard Python modules (including pure Python modules and C extensions), coroutine support using greenlet and multithreading support. The binary contains both the pure Python modules and the C extensions, so no additional .py or .so files are needed to run it. It also works in a chroot environment. The binary uses uClibc, so it supports username lookups and DNS lookups as well (without NSS).

StaticPython is similar to Portable Python, except that StaticPython runs on Linux instead of Windows, and it has Stackless Python support.


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