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All downloadable binaries and checksums are mirrored here. If you wish an independent source to verify checksums from, it may also serve that purpose.

Source Code

If for some reason, you are not able to obtain the source code from the appropriate branch in the SVN repository, you can download it directly from here:


Unix and Linux users

Binaries are not provided for any of the various versions of Linux or Unix, or for any platforms they may be running on. Please use the SVN repository to compile your own copy of Stackless Python. The directory structure follows that of the main Python repository.

Alternatively, for the versions of Stackless which it supports, you may be able to make use of the StaticPython project. StaticPython is a custom distribution of both Python and Stackless Python statically linked for 32-bit Linux, so it makes it possible to try the supported versions of either without actually installing them.

Microsoft Windows users

If you do not wish to compile Stackless Python yourself, we provide two ways in which you can install a precompiled version. The most straightforward way is using one of the provided installers, while the less straightforward way is converting an existing Python installation into a Stackless one.


Stackless Python is a replacement for Python, as such it installs as the version of Python it is an enhanced form of. You will need to uninstall your normal Python installation before you can install the same version of Stackless Python.

Binary Snapshots

If you are downloading one of these binary snapshots, you are intending to create a Stackless Python installation through modifying a standard Python installation. You may do so in this way:

  1. Download a standard Python installer.
  2. Download the binary snapshots from those which are listed below, which has the same version as the standard Python installer you downloaded.
  3. Run the standard Python installer.
  4. Extract the binary snapshot archive into the installed Python directory.

Archived Downloads

Downloads for older versions of Python can be found on the archived downloads page.


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